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Taking Old Family Recipes to Healthy Modern Heights!

Today the average person/family wants a simple, healthy, non-pocket robbing lifestyle. That includes our everyday living and the little extras! This site was designed to show you with a little planning and imagination, it is possible!


Tried and true with a personal opinion...

My goal is to bring you easy, delicious, budget friendly recipes, gift ideas, handmade crafts, and product reviews for the everyday family!

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Pork Roast Sliced - Plated-CraftWithTammy_edited.jpg

Main Meals

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Pet Treats

Christmas Charcuterie Board

Snacks & Treats

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Sauces & Spices

Lily Potted Pen Arrangement-CraftWithTammy_edited.jpg

5 & Under



St. Paddy's Punch


Keto -LC Omelet - Plated-CraftWithTammy_edited.jpg

Healthy Meals

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Shakes & Smoothies

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Side Dishes

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Crafts & Gifts

Egg Wreath


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Fresh Salad with Lemon Wedges

"Make new recipes, but keep the old... One is silver and the others Gold!"


Putting a modern twist on traditional things...

Over my lifetime and many years of experience with cooking, crafting and learning to be frugal… I have compiled an over abundance of recipes and ideas to share with you from my home. 


So join me on this journey as I share good food & useful ideas from

my life to yours.

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