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A collection of all the best recipes to help you plan your Easter festivities, from brunch to appetizers, to sides, main dish ideas and desserts!


I've have you covered for March 31st!

Easter Dinner Menu

Are you in charge or helping with the Easter brunch or a dinner this year? If so, here are some of my tips to help you plan this special menu.  

Easter Appetizers:  Plan for each guest to have 4-6 appetizers. Also, provide a variety of hot and cold, savory and sweet, light and heavy appetizers. Be sure to check out my collection of Easter Appetizers.


Easter Sides: Plan to have 3-4 different sides for 6 or fewer guests. Add another side dish for every 5 more guests. Check here for my Side Dishes.

Main Course: Plan to serve 6 ounces per person if you are serving one main dish. If you have more than one main course plan for 8 oz total per person. Check out our collection of Easter Dinner Ideas.

Dessert: Plan to have at least 2 dessert choices for every 10 guests. I always have at least one chocolate dessert and one fruit based dessert. Be sure to check out our collection of Easter Desserts.

Easter Brunch Menu

What is a good time to serve brunch? Brunch usually starts between 9 and 11 am. Once you get to 12pm you can skip the “br” and just serve lunch.

Prep ahead of time: Unlike hosting a dinner, brunch means that you don’t have all day to prepare. Getting things done ahead of time will make the morning go more smoothly.

  • Get your grocery shopping done early. Not only will you beat the crowds, but you don’t risk the store being out of a needed item.

  • Clean the house!

  • Decorate and set up tables the night before.

  • Prep any food items the day before.

Check out my Brunch Recipes for more tips and recipes.

Tips for Choosing Your Sides 

Once you have your main dish selected you can start planning sides, but with so many options, how do you do it?


  • Use seasonal ingredients they’re often fresh and cost effective. 

  • Complete the meal using at least one of each of the following vegetables, starch and salad.

  • Include sides that can be made or prepped ahead of time.

  • Mix in new and unique with tried and true. Once you have the traditional starch, veggie and salad recipes picked out go ahead and add something new. 

  • For 6 or fewer guests have 3-4 different sides, then add one more side for every 5 guests. 

Check out my Side dishes for more tips and recipes!

Main Dishes

Side Dishes

Easter Dessert Tips 

Be sure to check out all of my Desserts and Cookies before you start planning.

Setting up a dessert table: The dessert table design should be just as pleasing to look at as the desserts are to eat.


  • Use a backdrop: drape curtains/fabric, balloons, a window with a view, even a plain wall can make colors pop.

  • Incorporate height with tiered cake stands, stacked books or platforms under a table cloth layover. You can also add height by placing bowls and platters on some type of solid base.

  • Flowers are always a nice accent to a dessert table.

More Tips:

  • Many desserts can be MADE AHEAD of time, and leftovers can often be kept in the freezer. See the individual recipes for freezing details.

  • Desserts are a very easy item to delegate when guests ask what they can bring.

Easter Gift Tips

I love to make each and every holiday a special day for my Husband. And one of the best ways to do that is with a dessert or special treat! Here are a few tips:

  • Use Cute Decor - Pastel colored plates make the table festive. Even a few balloons or a pretty bouquet centerpiece make it look special.

  • Don’t stress if you don’t have time for dessert! There are great ideas on this list, but other store-bought ideas include: frosted cookies from your local stores bakery department, colorful chocolate covered peep chicks and bunnies, or favorite candy bars for each guest or kid.

  • Another easy dessert idea is FONDUE!! Use my homemade cookies and cream dip, cream cheese fruit dip or cannoli dip and have fruits, marshmallow peeps, mini cookies and more to dip in.

  • Use stemmed water glasses for a pretty punch to make it more special. (Use plastic for the kiddos.) 

  • Sprinkle the table with marshmallow peeps, robin egg candies, jelly beans or other Easter candy. You can even add a small box of Oreo truffles to each plate as a treat for after dinner.

  • Make sugar cookies for a treat and let the kids frost and decorate them after dinner.

  • Make a special jewelry piece as a gift for each of your friends, and set at each of their place settings with their names on them. 


Gifting Easter Truffles, Crafts, Cookies & More!

Gifting cookies is big tradition for me, so here are some of my top tips for packaging and gifting cookies for any holiday or occasion:

  • The easiest is to put the cookies in a store bought box or tin. Dress it up by putting piece of tissue paper, or holiday/occasion inspired napkin, in the box before placing the cookies inside and finish it off with a pretty bow of ribbon or twine.

  • Wrap in Cellophane! On a cute ceramic plate cover with plastic wrap or doily. Stack cookies in a pyramid form.  Place the plate in the center of a piece of cellophane, bring all the sides up over the plate and gather them together. Tie with ribbon, tulle or twine.

  • Bake the cookies the same size and stack them in a large mouth mason jar. Cover the lid, or with fabric or paper, or wrap jar in a pretty kitchen towel. Tie a ribbon around the top and add a cute tag.

  • Save those Pringles cans! Wash and dry, then wrap the can with decorative paper. Stack the cookies in the can, cover with the lid, and top with a gift wrapping bow. So easy! Great for teacher gifts!

  • Tube bags make the perfect pretty cookie packages. Stack your cookies, since the top closed and tie with a ribbon and personalized tag. 

  • A brown lunch bag is pretty in its simplicity. Stack cookies in a brown lunch bag. Fold the top over and punch two holes. Thread a simple ribbon through, tulle or raffia also work, and tie the top closed. Add a cute tag to the front of the bag.

Other Great Gift Ideas

  • Jewelry - always makes a wonderful gift! Check out my handmade jewelry gifts for your sweetheart!

  • Wreaths - are a huge trend right now and so easy to make. Makes a great gift they can use every year!​​

  • Gift boxes/baskets - fill a cute container with all their favorite things. From spa products, to snacks and everything in between. Wrap in cellophane, tie with a ribbon and personalized tag. 

  • Candy Bouquet - make an easy "vase" using 4 large candy boxes and fun size and mini snack sized candy bars become the flowers. 

Gift Ideas

April 2007 035_edited.jpg

Gift Boxes

Brird Nest Cookies

Bird Nest Cookies

Peanutbutter Sandwich Cookies

Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies and Milk Shooters

Picture 037_edited.jpg


M&M Cookies

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