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Black Marble


"These Charmies are uniquely designed and handcrafted with flawless Swarovski crystals and TierraCast high quality silver charms that measures approximately 3 1/2” in length, and finished with fancy silver metal beads to accent the colors. It is carefully wire wrapped with attention to detail and made with love! ♥


The Swarovski Charmie decoration measures approximately 3 1/2” before the chain is added and comes on your choice of the following hanging options:

1) Rearview Mirror / Purse Charm – a silver chain with clasp

2) Home Decor / Key Chain – a 6″ chain with a ring.


  • Flat or decorated head pins

  • Looped head pins

  • 1 Large stone or charm

  • Metal gage wire 22 or 24 gage

  • Metal key ring or large lobster style clasp

  • Looped chain of choice, in length you prefer

  • Needle nose, flat nose and round pliers

  • Assorted beads of choice in color and size

  • Assorted ending metal charms of choice



Choose your beads and plan your color scheme

Begin by gathering bright colored beads. Examples to choose from are things like bird shaped beads, evil eyes, heart shaped, stars, moons - just things that are fun and cheerful. We are going to layer these beads to create the charms, so keep that in mind as you plan and choose your beads. I also like to add some rhinestone rondelles to add a little bit of glitter to what I'm doing and kind of tie it all together.


Designing these charms is so fun and creative. Because you are making several charms to be used on one project, it is fun to mix and match the beads to create a variety look. As I mentioned before, I like to use unique charms so there is a lot of different things to look at. These charms would also be really beautiful in a monochromatic or all metallic color scheme for an unexpected pop of interest in a neutral accessory.


tack beads onto a headpin to create individual charms

Begin by stacking beads on a headpin in order that you want them. ( Example: maybe a green bead and a rhinestone rondelle, an evil eye, another rondelle and a heart.


Secure beads to head pin by twisting

Use round nose pliers and hold the charm just slightly above the top of that bead with a little bit of breathing room in there.


Take this top piece and wrap the pin away from you and back towards yourself coming up under the pliers, really creating a nice ninety degree angle and then beginning to twist that head pin around itself, really watching where that coil is formed, similar to how an earring head pin is tied off. Twist two to three times, maybe even four. And then taking it off of your round nose pliers and simply snipping off my excess wire from the head pin.


Attach jump ring to turn it into a charm

In order to make this into a happy charm, use a heavy duty jump ring. So this is going to give that flexibility to add it on different sections of the Charmie you are designing, whether it's a chain or a lobster claw or even a hoop earring. So you will use two pairs of flat nose or chain nose pliers to gently rotate that jump ring open and slip on a charm and then just gently close it. Make sure both of those ends of the jump ring are nice and flush.


And there's your first one! Finish tying off the rest of your charms.


Add charms to design your hanging charm project

There are so many different ways to set up your Charmie. Go with what looks best to you, adding one charm to the chain at a time; in different areas, sides, and levels of the chain until you have used all your charms. Have fun with your project, make it a party and invite some friends over. Grab the kids and make gifts for family and friends.


You can have so much fun switching these charms out and trying different combinations of colors, sizes and combos. There possibilities are endless!


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