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Mexican Party
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Cinco de Mayo     - May 5th  

Whether you’re throwing a big fiesta or just celebrating with your family, this collection has all the Cinco de Mayo Recipes you’ll need! From entrees and appetizers to desserts and drinks, I have you covered for the perfect fiesta!



Cinco de Mayo (The Fifth of May) is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862. It’s also known as Battle of Puebla Day.


While it’s somewhat of a minor holiday in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo has become a commemoration of Mexican culture and heritage in the United States, especially in areas with large Mexican-American populations.


Like any dinner party, you’ll want to plan your menu beforehand.

  • Decide which dishes you want to make fresh and which dishes can be made ahead of time. (See the individual recipes for more storage and reheating information.)

  • Mix in traditional favorites with a couple new dishes. Be sure to try out the new dishes beforehand to work out any recipe kinks.

  • Use dishes with different flavors and textures.

    • Be mindful that while some people love spicy hot Mexican food, others prefer a milder dish. I suggest labeling which dishes are spicy and which ones are milder. A great way around this is to prepare more mild dishes, but have hot sauce set out for those who want to give their plates a bit more kick

Typically, for a meal with guests we like to have the following:

  • APPETIZERS – 1-2 (Salsas + Dips can be made ahead of time.)

  • SIDES – 1 (Rice is a great one that can be made ahead and kept WARM in the slow cooker or chafing dish)

  • MAIN DISHES – 1-2 (That can be made ahead of time). Anything Fried is usually made right before serving.

  • DESSERTS – 1 (Usually made ahead of time and extended with ice cream) 

  • DRINKS – 1-2 (Including water). It’s nice to have a flavored beverage (or two!), but make sure you have either plain or flavored water as well.


So much decor can be found online, so be sure to check those out and then store for future uses. 😉



When I think of Mexican decorations, I think of bold, bright, contrasting colors. I always use red, green, and white (yes, some yellows, reds, pinks, blues and more!) since those are the colors of the Mexican flag, from there choose 3 more colors that can be repeated throughout the decor.

  • Paper Picado Banners strung from above and around tables.

  • Large Tissue Paper Flowers are beautiful and easy to make. Children especially enjoy helping make these.

  • Sombreros are fun to have both for decor and for picture opportunities.

  • Piñata, In my opinion, is a must for any Mexican party. Fill with candies or small toys.

  • Salsa cans are great for holding decor, flowers and succulents

  • Candles – You can usually find these for cheap at the dollar store and they go great with the decor.



There are so many traditional Mexican desserts you can make to accompany your Cinco de Mayo meal besides the classic cinnamon churro... Boost it by trying one of my favorite... Churro Cheesecake Bars.

All of them are pretty simple to make and will pair perfectly with whatever entree you decide to serve!

Sopapilla Cheese Cake Squares
Tin Can Margarita



The most well-known Mexican style drink is probably Horchata, but I also love Mexican hot chocolate (you can turn it into a cold drink by preparing it like my Frozen Hot Chocolate). You can also serve juices or smoothies with refreshing fruit flavors like mango, peach, or strawberry. And of course you can't forget about Tin Can Margaritas.

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