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Cookie & Treat Trays

Updated: May 26

"Send the love of the heart of your hands to neighbors, friends and family for the holidays. Delicious cookies & candy wrapped in ribbon and cellophane, what more could you ask for!"

Cookie & Treat Trays



  • 1 Tray, holiday container or decorated paper plate Any color or design

  • 1 Cellophane Wrap Clear

  • Assorted Cookies, fudge, truffles, or cake balls Try some of my recipes or use store bought you are not a baker.

  • Ribbon Any color

  • Cupcake Liners Any color or design

  • Tag or card


Step 1:

Place each cookie or a few cookie(s) in cupcake liner for a pretty design. This is optional.

Step 2:

Add cookies to tray, container or plate stacking in a tower fashion.

Step 3:

Wrap with cellophane.

Step 4:

Tie with ribbon and add a personal tag or note card to the recipient.


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