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It’s Rodeo Time Dangle Earrings

"I have a fun earring tutorial for you today, some Rodeo Themed Dangle earrings.  It’s an easy jewelry project that uses beads and jump rings to give different lengths to beaded charms.  If you ARE pretty well-versed at charms, you’ll find these earrings make up in about 10 minutes! If not – no worries, just a little bit of practice is all it takes!"

Create something quick and quirky like these Rodeo Themed charm earrings. The idea behind these charm earrings is to suspend different charms independently from one ear wire to provide interest, color and movement; known as dangle earrings. The design creates a casual look which can be customised in a myriad of different ways. Anything with a ring can be suspended from an ear wire, so the sky really is the limit with this design. Try hoop earrings with charms for a statement look or try interchangeable earring charms to match with any other jewelry creations.



  • Fish hooks

  • 6mm jump rings

  • Charms, of choice and theme

  • Wire wrapped dangle charms

  • 8MM Glass beads, in color of choice


Step One:

Using flat-nose jewelry pliers, open a jump ring by pulling one side of the ring away from you. Note that you do not want to simply open the ring out to the sides at the join; this will weaken the jump ring and maybe even break it.

Step Two:

Place the jump ring through one of the charms, then through the loop at the end of the earring wire. Using flat-nose pliers, squeeze the jump ring closed around both the charm and the earring wire.

Step Three:

Open a second jump ring, insert it through the first jump ring with the charm on it, then close the second jump ring.

Step Four:

Open a third jump ring. Add a charm to the jump ring.

Tip: If you’re having problems inserting the jump ring with your fingers, you can grasp the jump ring with the needle-nose pliers then slip the charm around it. If the charm keeps falling off when you do this, close the jump ring up a little after attaching the charm, leaving just enough space to slip the jump ring around the previous ring.

Step Five:

Slide the charm jump ring into the previous jump ring. Note that you are connecting the charm to the jump ring in step 4, not the jump ring that has a charm on it. You should now have two charms connected by jump rings.

Step Six:

Repeat steps 4-6, adding jump rings and jump rings with charms, until the earring is the desired length. You can add as many or as few charms as you’d like.

Step Seven:

Create a second earring. This earring can be identical to the first, repeat steps 1-6.


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