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Beaded Memory Wire Wrapped Bracelets

"Enjoy making your own designed jewelry? Enjoy making gifts that are one of a kind? This are the perfect place to start if you are a beginner or extremely advanced. These beautiful bracelets are made with quality silver jewelry memory wire and glass and natural stones or crystals. You will be completely satisfied and love your designs!"


Equipment & Materials:

  • Memory Wire your choice of layers

  • Beads colors of choice

  • Charms design of choice

  • Jewelry tools memory wire cutters, needle nose pliers and round nose pliers


Memory Wire

  • Determine the length of wire you need by wrapping it around your wrist. Cut the wire so that both ends of the wire match up. Choose how many rings "layers" you would like.

  • Take one end and using your needle nose pliers twist the wire around the pliers, making a small loop. For stringing purposes, this will be the bottom of the bracelet—but it really doesn’t matter, you can always turn the bracelet upside-down.


  • Having your beads selected and a plan mapped out will save you a lot of time stringing and unstringing your bracelet. It also will help you in determining whether or not you need to run to the store for more beads (as I had to).

  • You can also add charms throughout your stringing or attach a charm with a jump ring later.


  • Once you have a design you like and a sufficient number of beads, begin stringing and continue until all but the last 1/4-1/2″ is filled.

  • You are going to repeat the same loop making process as in step 2 to close the wire and keep all your beads in place.

Finishing Touches

  • If you didn’t add a charm while stringing, now you can go back and add a charm using a jump ring. You can also add charms to the loops you made to close the bracelets.


4 Layer 80’s Style and Neon Colored Stones and Beads

4 Layer Carnival Glass Moon Stone Beads and Stones

5 Layer Natural Color Stones and Beads

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