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Candy Bouquet

"This cute Candy Bouquet is the perfect gift for a friend, teacher, or loved one for any holiday!"



  • 4 Large Movie Box Candies

  • Wooden Skewers

  • Hot Glue/Gun

  • Tape

  • Candy - minis, fun size bars, any kind of individually wrapped candies.

  • Styrofoam Ball

  • Piece of cardboard for the base


Step 1: Candy Bouquet Vase

Begin by hot gluing the boxes of candy together in a square. Alternate the overlap so it makes a square with the boxes.

Step 2: Hot Glue Base to Candy Bouquet

Now add some hot glue to the base of the candy boxes. Then press the cardboard base on the hot glue and allow it to cool. This can be cut from any cardboard box, a few cereal box layers or from chipboard.

Step 3: Styrofoam in the Base

Use a hobby knife to cut the styrofoam ball down to fit inside the candy bouquet base. A smaller foam ball would have worked better, but this was what I had on hand.

Step 4: Create Candy Flowers

Now make candy "flowers" using pieces of candy and the wooden skewers. Pick a variety of candies that are brightly colored and different sizes. Fun size bars are great for this. Use candy that is your recipients favorite! To make an even grander bouquet, add more styrofoam inside the vase so the "flowers" can poke up even higher!

Use clear tape to attach the candy to the skewers...rather than piercing the candy with the wooden stakes like feral vampires.

Stick the wooden skewer "flowers" into the styrofoam at the base of the candy bouquet vase. Then fill the inside of the vase with a sweet treat like kisses and hugs.

Finish it off by taping some kisses around the top of the candy bouquet vase.

Tie candy box vase with a ribbon, add card or tag and you now have a great little gift for giving!

"This cute Candy Bouquet is the perfect gift for a friend, teacher, or loved one for any holiday. I would love to get this as a gift any day of the week, so don't let a holiday be a hinderance!"

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