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Summer Wreaths

"You will want to make these adorable decorations for your front door this year and for every season or holiday to come! The possibilities are endless!"



  • 6 - 9 yd Rolls Colored Deco Mesh Your Choice of Colors

  • 1 - 14″ Wire Wreath Form

  • 1 Package Pipe Cleaners (Chinelle Stems)

  • Mini Coordinating Decorations Optional

  • 3 - 6 yd Spools Decorative Ribbon Matching Colors

  • 1 - 10-12″ Seasonal Decorations

  • Any other embellishments you would like to add


Step 1: Attach the pipe cleaners to the wreath form

The first step in making your deco mesh wreath is to make your wreath form. There are two ways to do this. You could purchase a work wreath, it has pipe cleaner or twist attachments already attached. Otherwise you can use pipe cleaners and a regular wire wreath form.

Attach pipe cleaners every 3-4″ on the wreath form. I used the sections as a guide and just attached a pipe cleaner on the inner row at every intersection.

I then attached a pipe cleaner on the outer row every 3″ in between the others I had placed on the bottom row.

Step 2: Add the filler deco mesh to the wreath form

Next you are going to take your 10″x 10 yard deco mesh in one color and fill in the wreath form. This layer is a literally a filler layer. It is made to cover up the wire wreath form. Start with the inner row of the wreath. Bunch the end up and place it in between the two ends of one of the pipe cleaners.

Then twist the pipe cleaner ends together to hold the deco mesh in place.

Create a 6″ bubble/bump/loop of the deco mesh between the first and second pipe cleaners. Now attach the second pipe cleaner around the deco mesh. Keep looping the deco mesh in between the pipe cleaners as you go.

Continue making the loops around the inner row of the wreath until you get to the end where you started.

When you have come back to the beginning where you started open the first pipe cleaner and attach the deco mesh to complete the row.

Now without cutting the deco mesh. Make a loop onto the outer row of the wire wreath form and do the same thing. Loop 6″ of mesh at a time from one pipe cleaner to the next. Keep on making the loops until you come to the last pipe cleaner.

Attach the deco mesh with the pipe cleaner and trim off the deco mesh where you end up.

Step 3: Cut your deco mesh curls for your deco mesh wreath

Now that the wreath form is covered with deco mesh it’s time to cut the deco mesh curls that you will attach to the wreath. Cut the remaining deco mesh into 10″ squares. I used the same color of deco mesh and some mesh to finish the wreath.

Step 4: Cut your ribbon for your deco mesh wreath

Now you are ready for the best part. Choosing your ribbons. This is the fun part because you can choose any colors or types that you like. Just choose colors that you think go well together.

Once you have selected your ribbons, it’s time to cut them to size. You will want all of your ribbons to be about 11-12″ in length. I used 4 spools of 2.5″x 3yd ribbon in matching colors. Now cut all of the ribbon into 11″-12″ strips.

Step 5: Dovetail Your Ribbons

Now that you have cut all your ribbons to be 11″-12″ it’s time to dovetail the ends!

To dovetail your ribbons, take one ribbon at a time. Fold the ribbon in half.

Then starting with the corner of your folded ribbon, make a cut with your scissors angled diagonally from the corner.

Continue to do this with each of your ribbons on both sides to get the dovetail look. It’s a fun activity to do while watching your favorite show.

Step 6: Attach the curls & ribbons to the deco mesh wreath

The last step is to attach the curls and ribbon to your deco mesh wreath. Take one of each of your deco mesh 10″ squares and roll them tightly into curls.

Then choose two of your ribbons in different colors. Place them on top of your two curls. You may have to use your hands to pinch the center of the curls tight. This will be the basic bundle you attach to each of the pipe cleaners along the wreath.

Taking the bundle, unwind one of the pipe cleaners, and attach the bundle by twisting the pipe cleaner closed again. Now you can tuck the end of the pipe cleaner on the back of the wreath.

Repeat this step on every pipe cleaner on the wreath until you go all around the deco mesh wreath. You can also add some embellishments.


A quick way to cut multiple squares at once. Cut a piece of cardboard that is 10″x10″. Then wrap the deco mesh around the cardboard multiple times until you have used up all of your mesh. Take your scissors and cut through the edges on both sides. This will make mutliple 10″ squares at once. Do this again if you are using a second color of deco mesh.


A little wreath humor...

"What do you call a wreath made of $100 bills?"

Aretha Franklin's

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