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Diaper Cakes

Updated: May 26

"Unlike a real cake, a diaper cake isn't edible. It's a cake-shaped structure built out of diapers and covered in decorations like flowers, useful baby items or stuffed animals. It usually has two or three tiers that are wrapped in ribbon to resemble icing on a cake."



  • Cardboard or pretty round tray of your choice for your base

  • Double-sided tape

  • Rubber bands

  • Scissors

  • Twine

  • Washi tape

  • Paper towel tube or baby bottle

  • Scotch tape

  • Ribbon

  • 50 size 2, 3 or 4 diapers

  • Embellishments, optional other baby items such as binkies, bottles, travel size bottles of baby lotion, wipes, wash clothes etc.


  1. Roll one diaper up and secure it with a small rubber band. Repeat for all of the diapers.

  2. Place a heavy bottle of baby lotion, shampoo, or baby bottle in the center of your cake base. You can also use an empty paper towel or wrapping paper tube.

  3. Begin making a layer of rolled up diapers all the way around the bottle. Secure all of the individual diapers together with one large rubber band all the way around the outside. I suggest making the base layer three diapers deep, but use as many as it takes to fill up the entire cake base evenly.

  4. Make the second layer on top of the first and decrease the size by at least one round of diapers. Repeat for the third layer and any additional layers you want to add if necessary.

  5. Once your diapers form the shape of a tiered cake, you’re ready to decorate!

  6. Wrap ribbon around the cake layers to hide the rubber bands.

  7. Add in your embellishments as you see fit.

"They are one of my favorite gifts to take to a baby shower because they double as a decoration. A diaper cake can be the fun focal point of baby shower decorations. It’s really fun to decorate a diaper cake to match the party theme. Plus they’re a handy gift that you know every new mom will be able to use."

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