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Chocolate Roses

"Hershey kisses roses are perfect for Valentine's Day! It is cheap and super easy to make. I got my supplies from Walmart and Dollar Tree, but you can find them at any craft stores too."



  • Hershey’s Kisses. any flavor of your choice

  • Floral tape, green

  • Wood dowels or floral sticks

  • Glue dots or double-sided tape, optional


Step 1:

Pull out the white paper from the top of the candy. It may pull out easily or it may tear off. Just make sure no paper is showing at the top. If the foil gets loose around the top of the kiss – just push it back together. OR you can snip off the excess piece.

Step 2:

Use the glue dots or double-sided tape to attach the bottom of the kisses together.

Wrap the kisses with a square piece of cellophane (about 3″x3″), drawing the edges together at the bottom.

Step 3:

Insert the stick into the base of the rose to create the stem. (Be careful not to push the stick into the Hershey’s Kiss. Wrap the cellophane tightly around the stick.

Use the floral tape to secure the rose to the stem and continue taping down the stem. Wind the tape diagonally down the stem.

Step 4:

Add in some rose leaves as you are taping. I used 1-2 per stem and placed them near the rose but you can place them anywhere along the stem.

Finish wrapping the floral tape along the length of the stem. Cut the tape and press tightly to make sure the tape doesn’t come off.

Step 5:

Lay roses in a layering pattern on a few sheets of tissue paper, add in faux babies breath, and wrap with a silk ribbon. Add a personalized tag to make a bouquet gift.


You can place rose stems in a vase, or cut down and place in a mini pot. You can even make single rosettes to give away individually as favors for a party, friends or co-workers.

"Kiss Roses are a simple and sweet craft to make for Valentine’s Day. I was introduced to making these many years ago when a friend of mine was going through a rough pregnancy. I decided to make this special gift to bring her while she was in the hospital. So they definitely have special meaning to me!"

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