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I know… I know… You’re thinking…What the Heck CAN I Eat?

We all get in the rut of dieting, and get tired of eating the same foods. Complaining to yourself, “Well there goes eating out anymore!” Nope! This is were creativity comes in… I know, I know… your saying “I haven’t a creative bone in my body!” This is were I can help… me… well I love to play with my food!

Whether I am cooking in the kitchen or at a restaurant I experiment with things. Add a little of this to that, and remove that to add this. I do the same while I am checking out the menu at fast food joint, sit down restaurant or ordering online. Almost, every meal can be made low-carb, sugar free and or keto friendly. It just takes some imagination!

Below you will find simple things I have made into snacks, meals, or desserts with things you may already have in your pantry or see on a local restaurant menu. I am pretty frugal so the items below are pocket friendly. Don’t ever be afraid to ask! If you don’t see an option for a substitution, just ASK! Most places will accommodate as much as possible with no charge to you.


Who doesn’t love McDonald’s right!? This is a high fat, low-carb option that doesn’t change the price of the original meal.

How to order – Number 1 low-carb Big Mac Meal with a side salad in place of the fries, with a diet soda.

Your meal will be placed on a platter with extra lettuce, tomatoes, 2 beef patties, cheddar cheese, and mac sauce. You can add your side salad to the burger platter and eat together or eat them separately. I mix mine together and make a burger salad!

Burger King

The next favorite burger chain in the nation! I personally prefer their burgers because they are flame broiled. Mmmm taste like it was off the BBQ in the backyard.

How to order – Low-carb Double Bacon and Cheese Whopper Meal with a side salad in place of the fries, with a diet soda, bottled water or unsweetened tea.

Your meal will be served in platter form with two flame broiled patties, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, cheddar cheese, with mayo. They place the hot and cold on separate sides of each other. Just like McDonald’s used to with the McDLT (Man those were good! But you can still make them… that’s a whole other page for! ๐Ÿ™‚ hmmmmmm…..) I like to cut my meat, and take bites of each together.

Taco Bell

Yes! You can still order from the famous bell! This is my all time favorite dish! This dish will up charge $.30 an extra item, $.90 for the meat. To be honest, If I removed two major ingredients, they shouldn’t charge you for two of your extras. Or in general if you remove something off, deduct it from my bill! (Sorry I speak the truth!)

How to order – The Power Bowl Combo, minus the beans and rice, add extra steak, or chicken (or both), extra pico, extra lettuce, and extra guacamole. It will also come with Hot sauce packets to your liking on the side, with a diet soda.

Lunches, Mini Meals, & Snacks:

Coming up with different ideas for lunches or your mini meals can become…. well…. daunting. It ends up becoming repetitive and that’s when most of us fall off the diet bandwagon. Again, use your imagination and think outside the box.

Snacking can be tricky while your on a diet. Especially when all you have running through your mind is “Seriously… all I can have is celery and carrot sticks and maybe some nuts and raisins!?” That’s enough to make anyone crazy!

Below you will find things that you often crave with a slight non noticeable difference. Just remember, your body only needs a small amount of food. It truly doesn’t become a mind over matter, after we can get past eating with our eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Topped “Crackers”

Like crackers spread with cream cheese, or tuna salad? These are great for a healthy lunch replacement! Sliced cucumbers, with cream cheese & chives spread, topped with a rolled slice of roast beef.

“Sub Sandwiches”

Craving a sandwich and watching the carbs? Try this solution. Use a whole cucumber, hallowed out in the middle, fill with your favorite mix of deli meats, sliced cheeses, cream cheeses, or multiple veggies. Add a diet coke or water. (Can you tell I like Coke Zero much?) ๐Ÿ™‚ I filled mine with Italian roast beef and cream cheese with chives. Yum!

Cheese & “Crackers”

Salami slices smeared with cream cheese and topped with a banana pepper ring, with a 12oz Coke Zero. Spicy yet satisfying!

Like crackers spread with cream cheese, or tuna salad? These are great for a healthy replacement! Sliced cucumbers, with tuna fish salad for dipping.

Egg Salad Dippers

Make a quick egg salad add celery sticks and plain pork rinds for dipping crunchiness!

“Yogurt with Fruit on the Bottom”

When dieting, yogurt can be good for you, but you will also find that most varieties have added sugars, fillers, and loaded with carbs. Even the cottage cheese single packs with fruit on the side! Yup… Loaded with sugar and carbs. ๐Ÿ™

So I make my own! Full fat, large curd cottage cheese, with a serving size amount of sugar free preserves. Flavor… your favorite! I personally love the strawberry and apricot by Smuckers. Add a Coke Zero if your super Hangry!

J-ello with whipped Cream

Yes! You can still have this tasty treat in a diet… Well the HFLC diet that is! A sugar-free j-ello (Flavor of your choice) topped with whipped cream is a perfect sweet treat after a meal or in between. Help yourself!


Sugar free candy is still on the list… But beware, there are carbs in certain types. So make sure you read your labels and count your macros. Everyone’s body is different from the next, so check your ketones to make sure one specific item doesn’t hurt your levels.

Always adding more… So Hang tight!

If you have some great tips and want to share, send them I will for sure check them out and post them as well. Of course, you gain the credit for it!

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