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Gumball Machine Candy Jars

"These cute candy jars are great a great handmade gift for anyone and any occasion. They make a great conversation piece to add to your decor. Fill them with whatever candy your heart desires! The possibilities are endless!"



  • Terra cotta clay pot

  • Terra cotta clay saucer, 2 optional (see note)

  • Glass bowl

  • Wooden ball (for knob)

  • spray paint, your choice of color (Red is the nostalgic color)

  • E-6000 glue, hot glue works (see note)

  • Stickers, decorations of your choice to go with your theme, optional


When picking out your supplies make sure the saucer fits over the top of the glass bowl to serve as the lid. And that the bowl fits nicely on top of the bottom of the clay pot.

Step 1: Painting

The first step is to spray paint the terra cotta clay pot, saucer, and the wooden ball that will serve as the knob for the lid. Let them dry for a couple of hours to seal the paint well. The terra cotta clay pot is used upside down for the gumball machine, so I spray painted the outside of the pot and also around the inside of the rim (just so I didn’t miss any spots.) The saucer served as the lid, so you’ll need to spray paint it entirely.

Step 2: Glueing and Drying

Once the clay pot and saucer are dry you can now assemble your gumball machine. Start by gluing the glass bowl to the top of the upside-down clay pot. If you choose to use the second saucer, glue the saucer to the upside-down clay pot then glue the glass bowl to the saucer. The wooden ball can be glued to the top of the upside-down saucer to turn it into a lid. While the glue is drying and setting you can fill your bowl. This will add weight to help set the glue.

Set aside and let dry overnight. Enjoy your creation or give it as a gift!

"You can also make a mini version which is great for the kids to make for classmates or serve as party favors for birthdays!"

Mini DIY Gumball Machine Supplies


  • Paper cup

  • Soda bottle lid

  • Clear plastic globe ornament

  • spray paint, color of choice

  • hot glue


Step 1: Painting

Spray paint the paper cup and bottle cap. Let dry completely.

Punch a hole through the bottom of the cup. This helps the ornament sit better, you can use the top of the ornament collar to make the hole.

Step 2: Glueing and Drying

To assemble your mini machine, start by gluing your bottle cap to the top of the ornaments round bulb bottom. Set aside to dry.

Step 3: Filling and Assembling

Fill the ornament with your choice of filling. Make sure they will fit through the hole. Trust me, I made that mistake once or twice!

Place a piece of tape over the hole in the ornament to keep your candy from falling out of the bottom. Place taped end into the punched hole of the paper cup.

You can wrap them with cello wrap and tie with a ribbon for each guest or child. Add a tag to go with the occasion.

Enjoy your creation!


You can add a second saucer below your bowl if you wish. I personally like the additional touch, but it's completely up to your preference. See pictures below.

E-6000 glue holds best. You can use both glue options; the hot glue will dry fast in order for you to work with your project quickly and as the E-6000 sets it will adhere the glass to the pot for permanent stability.

You can also paint your pots with acrylic paint using a brush, sponge method, or any way you choose. Terra cotta does soak up paint, so you may need to add multiple coats.

Have fun! This is your crafting artwork!

"These make great gifts when filled with my Cake Ball Truffles, Oreo Truffles, or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles."


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