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Hi There… I’m Tammy!

When I’m not working, gaming, crafting, concocting and writing new recipes, developing and experimenting in the kitchen with a new delicious dish/baked goodies or scrubbing dishes or washing mountains of laundry, I love working out, weight training, and running 5K races with my Fiance` Paul from DowStrong.com. (it counteracts all of the “un-healthy-ish” sweet treat recipe testing and keeps us sane!). 🙂 I’m a huge Food Network fan, always tune in when I can, and have quiet the impressive collection of almost every auto-biography and cookbook my favorite Food Network chefs have written. I inherited my passion for cooking and crafting through family, family friends and watching Julia Child when I was a child. I was given the opportunity to make my first 3 course meal (which was my favorite meal and still is today) at the early age of just 9 years old and haven’t stopped cooking and crafting ever since.

Fast forward to 2015… Since the day I met Paul, he has opened my eyes to a new world, lent me his wings and gave me a chance to spread my own while being my support, my inspiration, my back bone, partner in crime, and all around gentleman. Paul has made me the happiest woman alive, helped me change to the lifestyle I have always wanted and dreamed of, I am honored to have him by my side. He has changed my life and continues to help me push myself everyday into the person I am today… Thank you sweetheart! My life style changed over the last 5 years and has led to me lots of soul searching, research, long chats and the watching of how others approach a healthy lifestyle. These things combined have left quite a lasting impact on my approach to the food side! Since then, I’ve focused on creating healthier dishes—and sweet treats—that we can eat on a regular basis without feeling guilty, greasy, or gross. Don’t get me wrong—we still love chocolate frosted donuts with rainbow sprinkles, saucy thick-crusted pizzas, warm baked breads, and beer-battered french fries! But we now treat those as occasional indulgences instead of a daily dish. And of course, we are just as human as the next and fall off the wagon here and there… But that’s when, you boost each other to get back on full force.

In 2017, I was extremely fortunate to open Craft With Tammy an affiliation blogging site to DowStrong.com. CWT was born out of a desire to share a passion and creativity of cooking and crafting for the average person/family using easy and creative recipes, tried and true tips, budget friendly meals and making pocket friendly gifts, all while snapping shots of real home and handmade pictures from my kitchen and craft table, and offering my single handed opinion and reviews of products for you. I have taken the time to make good old fashioned family recipes and transformed them into a healthier dish for those watching their figure and have changed their lifestyle habits like myself. So, whether you are on a Ketogenic friendly, Low-Carb, Sugar Free, a High-Carb and Protein Weightlifter/Bodybuilder diet, or the average family looking for easy, and hearty meals to bring you together to the dinning table that are super yummy… then you have found the right place to find something that will fit you! I truly believe we can all make healthier and easier options, simple yet amazing gifts from the hands that taste just as delicious and are as perfect as their indulgent and gorgeous counterparts.

Just look at these Chocolate Chip Cookies, Handmade Gifts, Grandma’s Old Fashion Custard, and Peanut Butter Oat-Raisin Protein Bars! These not being necessarily opposites, because they are all apart of my life… with a little creativity and information anyone or any family can have home cooked meals, healthy snacks and handcrafted gifts that are simple, budget friendly all while using fresh ingredients and setting your mind to it.

Over many years of cooking and crafting and learning to be frugal… Boy have I got a box full of recipes and ideas to share with you from my home. So join me on the journey as I share good food and useful ideas from my life to yours.

We’re Getting Married!


We have finally set the date… 2020!   🙂

To My Dear Paul…

“You are the butter to my bread, and the breath to my life…”


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