Crafts and Gifts

Check out these simple, cute and easy handmade craft and gift ideas to give or use in your own home!

Gift Basket Idea

Whether it's a gift for Dad, the Man in your life, or that snazzy Bartender you know! This will make a perfect party gift for anyone on your gift list.


  • 3 single serve Snack Pack your choice
  • 3 single serve Candy Bars or Bags your choice
  • 1 bottle Favorite Liquor your choice
  • 1 set Whiskey, High Ball or Wine Glasses your choice 4, 6, or 8
  • 1 set Square Silicone Ice Cube Trays your choice
  • Anything else you would like to add
  • 1 Gift Bag of Choice
  • Tissue Paper assorted colors to match bag


  1. Open bag to stand along.

  2. Arrange glasses, ice cube trays, and bottle starting with the heaviest item first. Stacking and packing them neatly as possible.

  3. Spread out tissue paper on flat surface, making a square. Lay an alternating color on top so corners are aligned with the flat edge side, making a star shape.

  4. Pinch from the middle of the paper and make a fast, smooth swoosh movement to gather tissue into a bunch.

  5. Make as many as you feel will fill the bag to look full.

  6. Arrange candy and snack bags filling in spaces and any open holes.

  7. Now your gift is ready for giving. 🙂

Recipe Notes


Terra Cotta Candy Jar

Simple and Sweet little candy jar will make a great gift for anyone on your gift list. Fill with candy for an extra sweet treat!


  • 1 Small Terra Cotta Pot
  • 2 Small Terra Cotta Bases (Dishes)
  • 1 Wooden Drawer Knob
  • Paint colors of choice (Acrylic works great)
  • Paint brushes
  • Mod Podge Glossy
  • Newspaper For workspace
  • Jar of water For brush cleaning
  • E6000 Glue A hot glue gun will work, the strength life may not hold as long.
  • 1 Sheet Felt Color coordinating with paint choices


  1. Place your base plate on the felt. Trace around the outer edge of the base to the felt. Making two of the circles. Cut out traced circles. Set aside.

  2. Paint your entire terra cotta pots, bases, and drawer knob (if needed or desired). A couple of coats of paint will be needed as the terra cotta will soak up the first layer of paint. Set aside and let dry completely. This will take an hour.

  3. Next paint on two coats of Mod Podge Glossy to your pot, bases and drawer knob. Set aside and let dry completely. This will take a couple of hours.

  4. Using the E-6000 glue the piece of felt to the top of the base plates, covering the hollow inside. Glue drawer knob to the center of the bottom of one base plate (Which now becomes the jar top). Set aside and let dry. Once dry, trim any excess felt around edges.

  5. Decorate the pot to your taste. Using stencils, freehand painting, stickers, decoupage, etc...

  6. Glue your pot to the bottom of the last base plate, making this the stand for the candy jar. This will make it more stable when filled and used.

  7. Place top on pot. You have completed your mini candy jar.

  8. Fill with your choice of candy, add a tag and give as a gift!

Recipe Notes


Check out more posts coming soon. My famous Faux Gumball Machine Candy Jars are up next! 

Deco Mesh Easter Wreath

Have a Dollar Tree near by? Then you will want to make this adorable Easter decoration for your front door this year! 

Author Admin - Tammy


  • 6 9 yd Rolls Colored Deco Mesh Your Choice of Colors
  • 1 14" Wire Wreath Form
  • 1 Package Pipe Cleaners (Chinelle Stems)
  • Mini Easter Egg Decorations Optional
  • 3 6 yd Spools Decorative Ribbon
  • 1 10-12" Easter Sign Decoration

Recipe Notes

Turn this.....


Into this.....

Cocoa & Cookies Gift Tower

Give the gift that keeps giving! Keep them warm with a mug of hot cocoa and keep their mouths happy with crispy buttery shortbread sugar cookies, and peanut caramel clusters. 

Author Admin - Tammy


  • 1 Large Coffee Mug of choice Any sized coffee mug of choice
  • 1 Canister Hot Chocolate Mix of choice Any flavor hot chocolate of choice
  • 1 Canister Butter Shortbread Sugar Cookies Any canister cookies of choice
  • 1 Box Chocolate Peanut Clusters Any chocolates of choice
  • Any other small trinkets or gadgets you choose
  • 1 Roll Clear Tape
  • 1 Roll or Large Bag Cellophane wrap
  • 1 Roll Wired holiday ribbon
  • 1 Gift tag
  • 1 Candy cane


  1. Play with your items stacking them how you see fit, by weight and size.

    You can be very creative when stacking and towering your items how ever you wish and see fit.

    The following is how I made the one above:

  2. I started with the boxed peanut cluster chocolates, and placed it as the base. Using a couple pieces of tape, tape the container of buttered shortbread sugar cookies to the boxed chocolates. Next I stacked the Starbucks hot chocolate container on top the canister of cookies and taped into place. (My container of hot chocolate and base of mug were the same size) I was able to stack the Starbucks mug on top, taping into place using a couple more pieces than everything else due to the weight.

  3. Adding a couple of touches such as mini bags of marshmallows, chocolate covered candy canes to the mug. I added a couple of personal touches of things the recipient would enjoy.

  4. Now its time to wrap it!

    Roll out your cellophane roll and measure the sides to the top of the tower giving yourself 6" extra to stick out of the top. Or if you have a bag, place tower into bag, centering your items and pull the sides to the top center of the tower.

  5. Wrap your ribbon around the bunched section, and tie tightly.

  6. Using the remaining ribbon tie a bow or make a multi looped bow to attach to your finished gift.

  7. Sign your tag and tie around the bunched top.

  8. Add your finishing touch of a yummy peppermint candy cane.

    (I added the handmade reindeer candy canes you can find these in another holiday post)

  9. And Waa-Laaa! You are finished!

    Now get to gift giving! It's the best part! 🙂

Recipe Notes

Holiday Lantern

Simple decorating ideas using things you already have!

Author Admin - Tammy


  • 2 Outdoor glass / metal lanterns
  • 2 Large Christmas ornaments
  • 4 Small Christmas ornamnets Use more to fill in the entire lantern (optional)
  • 2 Medium Your choice of scented jar candles Size depends on your lantern size
  • 2 Small Glittered snowflake ornaments Or any shape you choose or have on hand


  1. Clean glass of your lantern free from stains and or fingerprints using glass cleaner.

  2. Place your jar candle in the center of your lantern making sure to leave enough space from the top for the candles heat to escape.

  3. Place your ornaments and decorate it until it looks perfect to you.

    *I had to place an upside down glass and placed the large ornament in it, placed the jar candle on top using a tiny piece of duct tape to hold it in place and to stop from sliding for safety since I only had small jar candles on hand. I then placed the smaller ornaments on the sides and around the glass.

  4. Once you have finished decorating your lanterns. Set in a safe place (free from children and pets), light candles and enjoy the holiday ambiance of something you simply put together yourself and on a budget!

Recipe Notes

You can let your imagination run wild with simple things you have around the house. I hope this has inspired you to look at things in a different light and create something beautiful. 🙂


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